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Olicana Music Guitar Course

This is a complete online guitar course. Taught through streamable video lessons learning the guitar is broken down into short, manageable sessions. Each lesson is accompanied by exercises, worksheets, backing tracks and song suggestions so that you can apply everything you learn to real music.
Whether you are an electric or acoustic guitar player everything in this course is applicable to both instruments. From the techniques you can learn, the music theory or the songwriting and improvisation advice, everything is transferable.
If you are a beginner and have never picked up the guitar before you can start with our “Getting started” course. If you’ve been playing for a while then have a look at our syllabuses to find a knowledge gap and start learning with us from there.

The Content

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Getting Started

Never picked up a guitar in your life?

Then start here for an overview of the instrument. Learn about the anatomy of the guitar, what the strings are called, how to tune the guitar and much more. Getting started is all about the very basics of the guitar so that you can start with our beginners course confusion free.

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Time to start learning how to play the guitar.

Lesson 1 will teach you your first chords so that you start playing songs straight away. Then we will move on to how to alternate pick, our first scale, which we will learn to solo and improvise with, and finally the F barre chord. Each lesson is designed to build on the skills learned in the one prior to it and if you stick with the course you’ll find yourself playing popular music and writing your own songs in no time at all.

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The intermediate course builds on the foundation of the beginner course.

Now that you have the basics of rhythm and lead guitar under your fingers it’s time to start working on our chops (technique to the uninitiated). You will learn the intricacies of right hand picking technique that will open the door to playing fast, classic guitar techniques such as legato and string bending, in addition to fretboard and theory tools that will allow you to navigate the guitars neck with ease. And as you go you can apply all the knowledge and technique your learning popular songs, backing tracks and your own music.

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Take your playing to the highest level

Our capstone advanced course will help you refine your playing and learn the techniques of great guitar players such as Joe Satriani, Tommy Emmanuel and Guthrie Govan. The technqiues covered include sweep picking, finger tapping and advanced harmonics. Our theory lessons include the modes, taught in a manner that will leave you understanding exactly how they work and how to use them in your own playing. We will also explore the more advanced concepts of harmony that will really allow you to create colourful and interesting compositions.

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