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The internet is an amazing resource for guitar content, but its unstructured nature often makes it difficult to know what to practice once a lesson’s over. It’s all too easy to bounce from lesson to lesson without ever taking the time to integrate what you’re learning into your own playing.

Olicana Music’s lesson packs eliminate this issue by providing a clear roadmap that covers exactly what you need to practice, and how, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in each particular lesson.

Every lesson pack is available to download for supporters of Olicana Music. A pay what you want subscription from as little as £1 per month, you’ll unlock every lesson pack currently available, and each new lesson released while you’re subscribed.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you'll help me make more of the content you love. All while enhancing your playing, experiencing the satisfaction of progress, and building your confidence to conquer any musical goal you set.

Each lesson pack contains

Detailed Practice Guides

In-depth notes on what you should practice to incorporate each lesson’s concepts. Each pack includes specific exercises and challenges directly targeted at a lesson’s objectives so you can master the topics covered.

Custom Backing Tracks

Get the backing track for the intro jam of each video, purposefully written to enable you to practice a lesson’s topic without having to hunt down the perfect track to practice with.

Pitch Perfect

Professionally made tabs and diagrams for the musical ideas taught, with useful tips to help you get as much value as possible out of each lesson you watch.

Community Driven Content

Want a lesson on a certain topic? Think something is missing from a lesson pack? Leave a comment and I’ll incorporate it into the learning material so you get the content you need.

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