YouTube Lesson Packs


A simple subscription to help you get the most out of our YouTube Lessons

Eliminate the frustration of not knowing what to practice with our YouTube lesson packs. YouTube is an amazing resource to learn guitar from, but it’s unstructured nature makes it inefficient. It’s all to easy to bounce from lesson to lesson on YouTube and never integrate what you’ve learned from a video into your own playing.

Our lesson packs help you stop wasting your time by providing a clear roadmap of what to practice and how. This ensures that you’ll get the most out of every lesson we make.

Everyone should be able to learn to play guitar. So we’ve made every lesson pack available on a pay what you want subscription from £1/Month. Becoming a supporter gives you access to every lesson pack currently available, and every new one we put out whilst you’re subscribed.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee once a month you can help us help you become a better guitar player, so you can feel the satisfaction of progress, and confident that you can conquer any goal you set. If you like what we do on YouTube this is a a great way to support us!

Detailed Pratice Guides

In depth notes on what you should practice to incorporate the concepts from the lesson. Including specific exercises and challenges you can tick of in a structured manner. Exactly what you need to be proficient.

Custom Backing Tracks

Get the backing track from the intro jam of each video. Backing tracks are purposely written to enable you to practice the topics from the lesson. No need to hunt to find the perfect backing track to practice with.

Pitch Perfect

Professionally made tab and diagrams for the musical ideas taught, along with any other useful bits that will help you get as much value out of the lesson as possible. Get the most out of every lesson you watch.

Community Driven Content

Want a lesson on a certain topic? Think something is missing from the lesson pack? Let us know and we'll make sure you get the content you need. Our lessons are driven by what our community wants.

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