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Course, Blues

Jamming The Blues

Learn to play blues like the masters! From the basics of phrasing with the minor pentatonic scale to seamlessly integrating its major pentatonic counterpart, Olicana Music will guide you down the path to understanding the blues language, all with a focus on making you a skilled and fluent improviser.

YouTube Lesson Packs

Practice Habits Of Great Musicians

Get the most out of this YouTube lesson with the lesson pack. It contains detailed notes on what to practice and how, a backing track, tab, and other useful learning aids.


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Become a Pro Member to get access to everything on Olicana Music. All the courses, YouTube lesson packs, and access to the private Facebook group.


Supporter Membership

Become a supporter and get unlimited access to all Olicana Music’s lesson packs. Each one contains detailed practice notes, helpful backing tracks, and useful tabs/diagrams designed to help you master the fundamentals of a specific lesson’s topics.

Technique, Course

Technique Mastery

Your dedicated guide to developing guitar technique, this course delves into everything you need to know about the physical aspects of playing guitar. Pulling from strategies founded in innovative motor learning research, you’ll learn how to nail essential techniques like alternate picking, legato, tapping, and much more!